freeze-dried berries

Freeze-drying is a process that preserves all that makes our Arctic berries special: the taste, the colour as well as the healthy nutrients. You can use freeze-dried berries just like fresh ones or as a tasty snack. They also work great with baking and they give a beautiful finishing touch to anything from a sweet meringue to a delicious smoothie.


juice syrups

Our juice syrups are in stores now – with a new recipe. They have been sweetened with the minimal amount of sugar to enhance the natural, Arctic flavours of the berries. There are four 0,5 litre variants in the sweetened juice product family: Organic Lingonberry, Organic Bilberry, Blackcurrant and Forest Berry.


100% juices

Our 100% juices are cold-pressed in order to preserve as much of all the good things in the berries as possible. We add absolutely nothing to these juices, which makes them a tasty, natural health drink with a whole lot of nutrients and vitamins.

Our product range consists of 100% juices made of five different Arctic superberries: bilberry (wild blueberry), lingonberry, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant and cranberry.

The juices have been cold-pressed and pasteurized, a production method that preserves the healthy nutrients in the berries.



Glögg is a traditional Finnish drink that resembles mulled wine or its German cousin glühwein. Glögg is usually served hot but it works cold just as well. Our selection includes traditionally-spiced glöggs as well as some more experimental ones, with sea buckthorn glögg as the newest addition to the family. Add some wine to your glögg to warm up cold nights – or go creative and spice up your favourite cocktail.




We carefully preserve the best of Finnish wild forest mushrooms in a mild salt brine. This means you can enjoy them all year round and prepare them in a many creative ways. Our wide selection includes various whole and chopped Arctic mushrooms, from chanterelles to black trumpets and porcinis – and many more.


JAMS & Jellies

Our jams and jellies are made from Arctic berries ripened by the magically long Finnish summer days. They are full of flavour and work well with both sweet and salty foods. Why not try our cloudberry jam with savoury meats and cheeses?




Mead is a traditional Finnish fermented, lemon-based soft drink. Our product range contains a regular mead and an organic mead with raisins. In Finland, most mead is consumed in the spring around the 1st of May celebrations, but it is a tasty refreshment to be enjoyed any time of the year.