Sweetened juices

Our juice syrups are in stores now – with a new recipe. We sweeten them with a minimal amount of sugar to enhance the natural, Arctic flavours of the berries. There are four 0,5 litre variants in the sweetened juice product family: Organic Lingonberry, Organic Bilberry, Forest Berry and Blackcurrant.




We want to do our part in making sure that the Finnish forests stay clean and healthy, now and in the future. Hence, we have chosen clean energy in the form of Metsävoima (“Forest Power”), supplied by the Finnish energy company Lappeenrannan Energia to ensure our environmentally friendly production.

The eco-friendly Metsävoima energy is produced by using only natural forest industry byproducts such as bark, woodchips and sawdust. No trees are cut down just for Metsävoima. The EKOenergy-certified Metsävoima energy is produced in joint production with district heating in a bioenergy plant, thus saving heating energy as well. The production of Metsävoima energy does not add to the atmosphere’s CO2 levels any more than the natural decomposition of wood-based materials does.